Fancy trying out some new toys? Not sure what to buy? Then get yourself along to the Shore Watersports Beach Demo Weekend that’s taking place 29th – 30th June. There will be bundles of the latest watersports kit for you to salivate over and help you decide what your next piece of equipment is going to be.

The end of Shore Road, East Wittering, West Sussex, will see a multitude of demo gear available for your paddling pleasure. Kayaks, stand up paddle boards, surfboards and wetsuits will all be available. Doors open each day at 10am – 4pm and the organisers are expecting a big turnout.

Shore Watersports Beach Demo Weekend 29th – 30th June 3

Which brands will be there?

Brands on show will include Perception Kayaks, Ocean Kayak, Islander Kayaks and Wilderness Systems; plus stand up paddle board companies Tiki and Nah Skwell and wetsuit manufacturer O’Neill will be putting in appearances. Not only that, but the team be on hand to lend support, answer questions and promote good vibes.

As an added incentive those heading to West Sussex for the event will not only get the free use of kit, there will also be a free goodie bag handed out upon arrival.

A boat for you

If the weekend gets some lucky (by UK standards!) fine weather then the expected visitor numbers will be significant so the advice is get there early and check out what your ride of the day will be.

If you have a specific boat you’ld like to try, from one of the ranges of featured manufacturers, then you can email the guys at [email protected]. They will then try their best to get the boat on the beach for you.

Make a weekend of it

For those travelling any distance then it could be worth making a weekend of it. If the sun is shining then the beach is the perfect place for a family seaside day and BBQ. There are plenty of accommodation options within the local area and spending the weekend at East Wittering should give ample opportunity to try out all the kit you wish.

Spend the day on the sand, in the water and relaxing with a burger or hot dog at the end of a fulfilling day – what could be better?

East Wittering

East Wittering, found on the southern shores of the Manhood Peninsula, in West Sussex is a great beach for all types of watersports. Easy going waves or flat water – the conditions you will usually find are great for intermediate paddlers who fancy a splash as well as beginners – weather allowing.

In the surrounding area are a wealth of great pubs and restaurants that will round off what is set to be a great event – or simply grab some fish ‘n’ chips and put your feet up back at the beach!

However long you choose to spend at the Shore Beach Demo Weekend you can be sure you’ll have a boat load of fun, be able to chat a with likeminded enthusiasts and maybe get some on water action in the bag.

For more information give Shore Watersports a call on 01243 674830 or take a look at their website here.