With rising thermometer readings comes the yearning for longer floats. If kayak trips involve overnight camping stops then what you take with you, and how these items are transported, is worth considering. With paddling season now officially upon us – and winter weather disappearing in the rear view – it’s time to start thinking about the months ahead and where your sit on top kayaking adventures will take you. Meandering along rivers/canals, exploring the many lakes and loughs the UK has to offer or coastal sojourns– whatever you have in mind the correct equipment and, most importantly, the means of keeping it dry should be given due attention.

Aquapac Trailproof 25L Drybag 5

Aquapac’s Trailproof 25L Drybag is specifically designed with this kind of exercise in mind. Its heavy duty waterproof characteristics are perfect for storing essential items you’ll need on your paddling adventures. Made from 500D vinyl the Trailproof Drybag is able to withstand knocks and scrapes and keep your kit moisture free. A simple roll (three times) and buckle system ensures a secure seal that won’t allow water seepage. With 25L of space, and fluted profile, it’s super easy to chuck your gear inside, secure, lash to the deck of your boat and away you paddle. There’s so much room in the Aquapac we found no problems getting everything we needed inside. It’s perfect for stowing dry clothing or camping equipment – anything you can’t afford to get wet basically. You can try the kitchen sink (if you must) it might just fit as well!

Simplicity is always best with products such as this and Aquapac’s Trailproof 25L Drybag is certainly a no hassle product to use. Having used it extensively over the last few weeks we’ve found it performs great and we’d quite happily own a set for extended paddling jaunts (the Trailproof range also comes in 7L, 15L and 70L versions). The only thing we should mention is making sure the method of lashing to your boat’s deck is efficient. It’s all very well having a cracking product for keeping your gear dry only to watch it float away in the brine after being washed overboard.

Aquapac Trailproof 25L Drybag 6

Conclusion Aquapac’s 25L Trailproof Drybag would be a great addition to any paddler’s kit box. Suitable for short or long journeys there’s enough room inside to store even the kitchen sink – well, not quite, but you get our drift. Having sealed the bag correctly it won’t let any moisture in, even when facing rough water. Manufactured from heavy duty 500D vinyl it shrugs off knocks and scrapes and won’t fail you in terms of holes and punctures. The bubble gum blue colourway is eye catching and ensures your stuff won’t get lost when among fellow paddlers’ gear. Drybags are essential for kayakers wanting to carry kit and the Aquapac Trailproof Drybag would certainly be a worthy contender for your hard earned readies.