Here at we’ve tried a number of sit on top kayaking trolleys over the last few years – many of which have left us a little underwhelmed. Although we’ve seen C-Tug’s trolley we’ve never actually laid hands on one – it was only after reading a forum post that we had our memories jogged.

It’s all in the detail

Most sit on kayak trolleys are foldable metal affairs with a cradle for your pride and joy to lie on. C-Tug’s, however, take a different route. Firstly it’s manufactured from heavy duty and corrosion resistant plastic and secondly it features an easy to assemble/snap together frame that ensures storage, when not in use, is hassle free.

C-Tug Kayak Trolley 9

Imagine an X shape and that’s pretty much the design of the C-Tug chassis. Locking together with a simple push it’s then simply a case of slotting heavy duty wheels on axles and locking down the quick release pegs. This is all completed in a matter of minutes and shows there’s been a lot of thought put into the design. Two large articulating cradles give a certain ‘tuning’ element to the trolley and allow a snug and easy fit with whatever sit on top kayak you’re looking to transport. Durable and heavy duty straps are supplied which make securing your boat a doddle. The adjustable stand gives versatility to the C-Tug and means it won’t tip over – whatever surface you happen to be on. C-Tug’s livery, featuring splashes of luminous green, give it a funky look and only adds to the quality look and overall feel of the trolley.

C-Tug Kayak Trolley 10

Give it a tug

With the stand locked in place it’s easy to manoeuvre your sit on kayak into position ready for the journey to the put in. As with any trolley loading is key to a smooth trip and the C-Tug is no different. Too far forward and you’ll need muscles like a gym bunny to drag it to the water, too far back and you’ll be scraping the tail, shaving plastic like nobody’s business. With your boat perfectly placed, however, moving your sit on is pretty easy. The oversize all terrain wheels make short work of most surfaces. At times you’ll need to put more effort in the dragging process – such as when moving across sand – but it’s easier with the C-Tug than many other trolleys we’ve tried. The articulating cradles, and straps, work in tandem ensuring your boat never slips, no matter how bad a driver you are. Focusing on the job in hand – getting to the put in – is almost a joy with the C-Tug trolley.

C-Tug Kayak Trolley 11

Sitons has a number of different sit on tops and all were happy being transported via C-Tug trolley. The biggest and heaviest was actually the easiest to manoeuvre, or maybe it felt this way as we didn’t have to physically carry or drag it over shingle any longer! Having had a fun paddling session you’re usually spent so having something to help alleviate the strain of getting your boat back to your vehicle is welcome. Even with spaghetti arms it’s a lot easy transporting your sit on kayak with the C-Tug. Once back on the roof (or if you’re lucky to own a van, inside) one of the niftiest tricks with the C-Tug is the collapsible nature ensuring storage when not in use is super easy.

C-Tug Kayak Trolley 12


Sit on kayak trolleys are available in abundance, however, not all do an efficient job carrying your boat. C-Tug’s offering is by far the best we’ve come across. It’s unique and clever design, individual looks and versatile performance make it a cracking product that every paddler will appreciate




Check out the brand’s assembly vid below

And here’s their set up vid for using the C-Tug straps correctly