We love Railblaza’s C-Tug Kayak Trolley. It’s one of the most thought out kayak trolley’s we’ve used and as such gets a fair few outings.

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Railblaza C-tug Sandtrakz Wheels 11

With heaps of relish we were looking forward to trying Railblaza’s new C-Tug SandTrakz wheels – nifty trolley ad ons designed to make the whole kayak transportation exercise even more efficient.

Pimp your ride

It’s not uncommon to pimp your kayak ride. Those paddlers who like casting a line have been known to bolt a few ad ons to their sled. And even if you’re not into kayak fishing there’s always the opportunity to add bits and bobs to your boat, making it a more versatile craft in the process. What’s unusual is the option of switching up your kayak trolley. Most wheeled cradles come as standard, with little room to change things. We therefore doff our caps to C-Tug (Railblaza) who are trying to make such a (perceived) simple tool all the better.

Railblaza C-tug Sandtrakz Wheels 12

Wheels go round

The first thing you notice when unpacking C-Tug’s SandTrakz wheels is how much bigger than their standard size siblings they are. And yet, they still fit through larger kayak hatches for simple storage while afloat.

Railblaza C-tug Sandtrakz Wheels 13

With their extra girth alone transporting boats suddenly becomes a whole load (geddit?) easier. Weight is spread further apart and effort needed to haul craft is reduced. Not only that: SandTrakz wheels are designed to flex. Think in terms of standard air filled tyres warranting deflation when running over soft ground. With a pair of SandTrakz there’s no faffing with air valves having run into soft surfaces – such as sand and shingle. The squishy nature of the SandTrakz wheels, which mould to surfaces, makes for easy navigation across uneven soft ground. It’s surprising how well they work when Terra Firma becomes porous and squishy – domains usually non-conducive to kayak transport.

Railblaza C-tug Sandtrakz Wheels 14

Well thought out

As we’ve already said C-Tug products are incredibly well thought out – the SandTrakz design is no different. Made from anticorrosive materials they’ll never rust and it’s a simple exercise of attaching them to the C-Tug’s chassis. We were a little sceptical whether there’d be enough clearance between the trolley’s cradle and the large diameter wheels when folded right down. While it’s certainly close there’s no catching and the SandTrakz are free to rotate thereby putting that anxiety to bed.

Railblaza C-tug Sandtrakz Wheels 15


Railblaza, who manufacture both the C-Tug kayak trolley and add on SandTrakz wheels, need a huge pat on the back. By adding a pair of SandTrakz a whole new world of put ins lies waiting to be discovered. Standard C-Tug wheels, while certainly being efficient enough in their own right, aren’t a patch on the SandTrakz. Along hard surfaces they spread the load much more efficiently and when it comes to shingle, sand, mud or other soft landscapes their performance becomes even more obvious. As a result we couldn’t recommend these babies enough. Do yourself a favour, kayaks aren’t exactly feather weight, and anything that helps with transportation is a good thing. We can’t recommend SandTrakz enough.


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