Roof rack pads help protect you kayaks and boards from the knocks, scrapes and scratches they can pick up when moving kit on and off roof racks. The compression they give also allows straps to be tightened with less chance of damaging your kayak and give more contact area to stop your boat slipping. Pads are a really useful accessory, but with most only being the width of a surfboard kayakers often find themselves getting two sets. Luckily these Jet Greay roof rack pads from palm come in two sizes: 80cm for wide kit like kayaks and 50cm for the smaller stuff that you stick on your roof.

The pads are split down the length with generous length velcro straps to wrap around and hold the pads securely in place. As aero bar users, the generous proportions of the pads was really appreciated, allowing us to use them on the fatter aero dynamic roof bars.

Construction is foam core covered in what Palm describe as “tough ballistic fibre”. They certainly feel like a rugged product, as you would expect from Palm. They look sharp too, so you won’t feel the need to rip them off and tuck them away every time you take the kayak off your car.

Widely available, including here on Amazon