If you’re not fortunate enough to own a van (or mode of transport that can fit a sit on kayak inside) then you’ll be vrooming round town with your pride and joy strapped to the roof. While this is a perfectly acceptable method of transporting your sit on top to and from each put in this method isn’t designed for peace of mind. Especially if you happen to stop off for a post session beverage. Some may guffaw at the thought of opportunist struggling to manoeuvre a rotomoulded plastic kayak into the back of their getaway vehicle. And yet, teefing paddle sleds has been known to happen on regular occasion. 

KanuLock Lockable Roofbar Straps 7

So how to secure your kayak while popping to the shops briefly or grabbing a bite to eat between paddling sessions. Step forward KanuLock roof straps. Kanu what? KanuLock’s unique roof straps offer the option of locking down your kayak and make it much harder to remove. The straps themselves are impossible to be sliced with a knife – reinforced with stainless steel cables prevent this and the locking mechanism prevents them being undone. The KanuLock website reckons it take less than 10 seconds to nab a kayak. The brand’s straps completely prohibit this with not allowing boats to be slid from their secure position – peace of mind retained.

In practice

There are different lengths of straps to accommodate a wide range of water craft. You’ll need to choose which size you need otherwise your boat won’t fit. If in doubt our advice is to go slightly longer – even though this will cost a little more.

KanuLock Lockable Roofbar Straps 8

KanuLock straps are pretty easy to use – similar to any other standard set. Once in place it’s simply a case of locking with provided keys and heading off. We recommend keeping one key set on your car fob while the other should be stashed somewhere inside your vehicle – the keys are easy to lose.

No worries

Having secured our kayak we were perfectly happy to leave it on display with a reduced risk of theft. It’s always annoying having to hump your boat and the less this happens the better. We were happy to leave our sit on kayaks on the roof and go about our business.

KanuLock Lockable Roofbar Straps 9


If you have to transport any type of water craft on roof bars – kayak or otherwise – a set of KanuLock straps is a good idea. Having locked them in place you’re free to carry on with your business and not have to worry about your gear being stolen.


From £47.95

Available from: Supdirect, Amazon, Cygnus Sails and other good retailers.


Sturdy, robust and perfectly applicable for the job KanuLock locakable roof straps work a treat. If you need more keys then they can be purchased from dealers. Sitons was kindly supplied a set of KanuLock straps by Richard from Cygnus Sails – the UK importer – and Reuben May from Fatstick.IFrame