GoSea Extreme KTB – 80 Cradle Trolley

It’s no secret that sit on top kayaks can be big old heavy things. Engineers keep weights to a minimum but the fact is rotomoulded plastic is never going to be truly featherlike. This is not to say that manhandling your kit is impossible. But anything that makes the process easier is always welcome. Kayak trolleys have been around for a while and those lovely people at GoSea sent us their Extreme KTB – 80 Cradle Trolley to check out. Here’s what we thought.

First impressions

Manufactured from high quality anodised aluminium to increase saltwater longevity, it’s a robust but lightweight bit of kit. The wheels are manufactured from hard wearing plastic and with a few easy twists are attached to the body of the trolley. Featuring some sensibly positioned padding, a middle webbing strap to give rigidity, two high quality tie down straps with grip cam buckles, fold down support legs and a telescopic ‘foldaway’ body, this trolley is well thought out and engineered. It doesn’t have to be just for kayaks either. The design lends itself to trailering a variety of different watersports equipment – including SUPs and surfboards.


The foldaway support legs are a great feature and keep the trolley stable whilst loading up your kayak. Once it’s in place, secure the straps and you’re ready for your journey. You need to position your boat so you have enough ‘nose overhang’ to grip onto but without the rear suffering from ‘catching’ as you raise the front of your kayak. After securing the boat we could navigate almost anywhere – even across rough ground, which is testament to the sturdy and robust nature of the trolley. The off road style wheels are resistant to punctures and the integrity of the trolley’s frame remains rigid throughout each journey.


Once you’re at your destination, it’s easy to detach your kayak and fold away the trolley while you head off for a paddle. It may be worth taking a bike lock with you so as to secure the trolley while you’re out paddling – just to be on the cautious side. If your kayak is big enough then you can lash it to your boat – particularly relevant if you’re not planning on coming ashore at the same spot you launched. The telescopic element ensures discreet after paddling storage is easily achieved. Hang it in a corner or stash the trolley in some other out of sight nook. Quick release axle pins allow the wheels to be removed for easier stowing.

Summing up

Even if you don’t plan on strolling to your paddling spot, then it’s still a wise decision to get hold of a trolley. Paddling spots are not always conveniently located next to car parking facilities and in many instances a short walk has to be completed. Having a trolley such as the GoSea Extreme to hand will make easier work of getting to your ‘drop in’ point. The GoSea Extreme is well designed and built. The anodised aluminium is a great addition and stops you needing to replace your trolley every few months due to saltwater damage. Its big, chunky, puncture resistant wheels ensure that even the trickiest of terrain can be crossed with relative ease while the grippy and hard wearing webbing straps ensure your kayak won’t slip during transit. GoSea’s Extreme trolley is a piece of kit that all paddlers should own and is particularly relevant for those who practice a variety of watersports disciplines with its ability to carry multiple pieces of equipment.