Due to the Dagger Kaos Molten 10.2 versatility as a sit on top kayak we thought it appropriate to publish a two part review about both its flat water performance and wave prowess. With part one having already been done here’s part two…

Dagger Kaos

The main difference between using the Kaos 10.2 in waves is the addition of the supplied thruster fins. As a 2+1 set up the character of the Kaos is changed dramatically. Although we hasten to add that the boat will work just fine without these screwed in, and actually deliver a different style of riding. If you favour flat spins and slides, for instance, then don’t plug in.

With the fins securely fitted the instant improvement is the Kaos’s tracking. You won’t need to apply as many corrective strokes as you do when the fins are off. This is great for punching out through white water and oncoming swell as it means focus can be on keeping the hammer down and powering through to the outside.

Dagger Kaos

Dagger Kaos

Once in position riders can focus on their wave of choice and making the drop. Again, those fins biting and the Kaos’s improved tracking keeping the boat straight and true as you pick up your wave.

Dagger Kaos

Dropping down the face those fins dig in once again as you lean the boat onto to its side to engage the rail. Without and there’s a degree of side slip whereas the skegs promote drive off the bottom and help slingshot paddlers back to the lip. Re-directs are then efficient with pro-active weight transfer from rail to rail.

Zooming down the line it’s easy to generate speed and outrun pitching lips. Rounding white water is efficient and for those with skill blowing the tail out is doable. It’s not quite as agile as closed cockpit, carbon or glass surf kayaks but it’s pretty near. As such any wave head, of a sit down bent, will enjoy getting stuck in with the Kaso 10.2.

Dagger Kaos


A multi-faceted wave tool, that’s tunable by inserting or removing the included fins, Dagger’s Kaos 10.2 Molten is a fulfilling surf sled that copes well with either small or bigger surf. Offering a direct and drivable feel with all three skegs attached it draws fluid lines on open wave faces. Remove them and you get a spinny and playful machine with a different dynamic to that of the former. And then of course, as is described in part one of this review series, there’s a decent element of versatile flat water performance to be made use of.

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Dagger Kaos 10.2 FEATURES

  • Molded-In Seat with Adjustable Back Band
  • Thigh Straps
  • Molded-in Footwells
  • Stern 5″ Deck Plate
  • Comfort Carry Handles
  • Surf Fins
  • Scupper Plug

Dagger Kaos 10.2 DETAILS

ManufacturerHull TypeLengthWidthWeightMax LoadSeating


RRP: £799



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