RPF Kayaks Shark is a highly manoeuvrable surf kayak.

The ease of sit on kayaking is hard to ignore and with most major brands producing their own version (s) RPF decided to not follow the crowd and instead produce a high performance boat that excels in waves.

RPF’s Shark features a classic sit on deck area with a highly rockered and surf optimised hull shape. Taking much inspiration from surfboard design there’s a healthy amount of nose and tail kick designed for taking on waves.

For paddlers who can roll, the Shark is able to be inverted and brought back upright with your paddle, however, the beauty of these designs are being able to jump back on board without the Eskimo Roll skill under your belt.

Fast and radical the RPF Shark takes sit on kayaking in waves to the next level.


  • 3x Future fin compatible
  • RPF Adjustable Thigh Straps
  • Seat grip
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Drain plug

RPF Kayaks Shark DETAILS

ManufacturerHull TypeLengthWidthWeightMax LoadSeating
RPF KayaksStandard2.39m0.63m11.00kg95.00kgSolo




  1. Kevin McGowan

    I have owned this kayak 6
    I have owned this kayak 6 months now.
    I have surfed plenty of plastic SOT best being the Tootega Pulse.
    However i wanted more thrills, hence getting a proper surf on top kayak, but dont like or want a sit inside..
    This RPF suited the bill…
    My first go in it was mixed its not a stable as the Pulse, due to the flat surf board bottom.
    Took a while to adjust but i soon did, soon as the surf picked up, i was away, the speed running alone the green waves is amazing…
    Once you get a feel for it its brilliant.
    I have taken it out in not so favourable windy surf conditions and she is hard to keep stable..
    Clean surf you cant beat it…
    The kayak is built for surfing and surfing only….
    Choppy windy days forget about it…

  2. NickG

    This is a cracking boat
    This is a cracking boat (although not as good as my own! Lol! Nah only joking). The shark is sick and flies. Rebounds well off white water and you can chuck some seriously tweaked moves off teh lip. Rad around the break and proper good fun. I have too many boats (6!!) or I would have one!

  3. Fee P

    I’ve used the Shark (and in
    I’ve used the Shark (and in fact a few other RPF shapes) plenty of times in the past. While not conventional in terms of sit on top kayaks these kayaks offer surf performance that you just can’t get with other SOTs. If you want to ride waves then these are great!

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