The Tootega Prophecy 135 is the flag ship model in the Tootega touring range and offers performance in spades. There’s great storage capacity for all the essentials you will need for your adventures plus amazing comfort, stability and speed. The generous space in the cockpit area gives excellent comfort and the cushioned heel pads, easily adjustable foot rests and raised padded seat all add to the mix. If you are planning on covering distance then the Prophecy 135 is the sit on kayak for you!

Tootega Prophecy 135 FEATURES

  • Fittings for Backrest
  • Grab Lines
  • Integrated Carry Handles
  • Integrated Cushioned seat
  • Storage Hatch
  • Stowing Mesh

Tootega Prophecy 135 DETAILS

ManufacturerHull TypeLengthWidthWeightMax LoadSeating


RRP: £649



  1. Jon

    Tootega prophecy 135 or perception triumph 13 … Any views or experience of these two yaks appreciated. I am seeking a SOT for kayak camping, that tracks well, and is not too chunky to enjoy

  2. Chris Haywood

    I purchased a used Prophecy in Australia. It is basically okay but, in my opinion, has two design faults. Firstly, the cockpit fills with water and you end up with a wet backside even on smooth water. Secondly the container hatches are difficult to open especially when wet. You cannot get enough grip to break the seal. The 8″ hatch gets covered by the water in the cockpit which then falls into the container which has no drain hole. Chris Haywood, Geelong, Australia.

  3. George C

    I’ve owned my Prophecy 135 for a few weeks now it was delivered just half an hour before I was due to leave for the Canoe club. So, the first outing was on a river in the twilight.
    It felt comfortable, moved smoothly across the water and tracked well.
    It turns well and has good forward speed.
    Last week I took the Prophecy on a river and estuary tour with the other club members who were all using sit-in kayaks I was able to keep pace fairly well even though I’m new to the kayak.
    It handled well on both the river section and on the tidal estuary, where there was a slight chop. The bow pointed well and it was easy to correct the weather-cocking caused by the wind.
    So far, so good!
    The next outing will be to try out the more than ample storage capacity for a bit of wild camping ( hopefully before the snow arrives)
    Once I’ve used the Prophecy more, I’ll update the comments
    This is a solid, well finished and high quality kayak. I’m glad I chose to buy from Tootega as the information given to me by the owners and staff at Bunns Bank were second-to-none.

  4. Richard Hunt

    I’ve had and used a Prophecy 135 for 3 years now. I’m very much a sea kayaker and think that this boat is an awesome choice for getting out for a bit of touring. I paddled this boat from Gosport in Hampshire all the way to Seaton in Devon last year (approx 270 miles) and it didn’t give me a moments trouble. It glides effortlessly through the water and when the wind and current are with you, you can be surfing like a pro. The storage capacity is excellent and I was able to take all the essential gear required for such a trip, with space for more if I’d needed it. It’s also worth mentioning the guys at Tootega themselves. They have always provided me with excellent back up with regards to advice and after sales service, which is extremely important. This is an excellent touring kayak, which is very reasonably priced and I would highly recommend it to all. Tootega do tour round the country during the summer to various locations and you can try their boats out. Check their website to find out where they might be near you…it’ll be well worth the effort.

  5. Gareth

    About 6 years ago I had an ocean kayak Drifter and was very happy with it!. Then after a back problem I sold it.ive since recovered,I’ve been doing a lot of research to get another kayak for my son and me. I discovered that ocean Kayaks build quality is utter Rubish! They send all of there rubbish to the UK and the hulls are extremely distorted. I was fortunate to come across wild things in Camborne Cornwall and viewed the Tootega 135 Huntsman. After looking at the other brands we picked the Tootega. And ordered Two its proved to be the Best buy and exelent in every respect. And perfect for our purpose we have used them in heavy chop and strong currants. It tracks well and is a pleasure to paddle, the fittings are exelent quality and the boat is very distinctly designed. If you are going to purchase a Sit on top ,in my opinion you will not find a better boat on the market, and the price is very affordable! If your in the south west then cheque out wild things as Kevin knows his Kayaks and has alot of paddling kit in stock. A1A1A1

  6. john croucher

    I have had it for about 2years. Enjoy paddling it, comfortable and tracks really well. I did intend to buy a sea kayak, but I like it so much I intend to keep it. Loads of storage and reasonably swift. I use it off the South Cornish coast, it gives you confidence, even in choppy conditions. I would highly recommend it to any one. Nice yak, nice price.

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