Weight reduction – Tootega Pulse 85 Hydrolite preview

Tootega kayaks have been tinkering with their popular Pulse 85 and reduced the weight of the boat further – in fact, by almost almost 20%! – great news for sit on paddlers. Weighing in at a meagre 14kg the brand’s new Pulse 85 Hydrolite is now one of the lightest adult sit on top kayaks available.

Tootega Pulse 85 Hydrolite 1

The new Pulse 85 Hydrolite will appeal to a wider range of paddlers – some of whom may have discounted sit ons due to their perceived heavy nature. Extensive research and tweaking led Tootega to the position of being able to offer the Pulse 85 in its new lighter construction and Steve Childs – one half owner of the company – hinted at further innovative manufacturing developments to follow shortly.

Tootega Pulse 85 Hydrolite 2

You can order either Electric Blue or Candy Floss Pink right now so if you’re after a super light and manoeuvrable kayak sweep over to your local Tootega dealer and get involved.

Tootega Pulse 85 Hydrolite FEATURES

  • Engineered Sculpted Scuppers
  • Paddle Keeper
  • 6″ Hatch
  • Moulded Handles
  • Ergonomic Central Console
  • Stainless Steel Fittings

Tootega Pulse 85 Hydrolite DETAILS

ManufacturerHull TypeLengthWidthWeightMax LoadSeating
TootegaPlaning C2.59m0.72m14.00kg90.00kgSolo





  1. Chris j.

    I’m fortunate to live less than 2 miles from a popular surf spot on Lake Ontario (yes, there actually is surfing on the Great Lakes). A few days after purchasing my Pulse 85, conditions were just right and I was able to get in an incredible 3 hour session.
    What a fun little kayak! I’ve been paddling a sit in kayak for the past 5 years. This is my first time owning and surfing a sit on top. The Pulse 85 is such a blast. A breeze to load on top of my car, stable on the water, fun in the surf and virtually bullet-proof. I’m able to punch thru the white water effortlessly. I’m 6′ (183cm) with longish legs and the 85 fits me perfect.
    I would highly recommend the Tootega Pulse 85 for anyone looking for a fun, well crafted sit on top kayak. Keep up the excellent work, Tootega!

  2. Andy B

    Having never owned a kayak before I settled on this model for use in the sea and river near my house in Scotland. It’s a solid well thought out craft and the customer service from Tootega has been excellent. It paddles well and doesn’t have a skeg which is good on shallower river waters. I’m getting used to using it at sea and as is common with all small craft you have to be wary of the weather forecast and wind direction before setting out.
    I built a trolley (rather than buy one!) and it goes on the car roofrack without problems. I would say that buying the seat back is essential for comfort as is a lanyard to attache the paddle to the kayak.
    Overall very pleased and would recommend Tootega without hesitation.

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