Does this sound like paddling bliss or what?

‘We sat bobbing around like corks floating in the small swell as glorious morning sun peaked out above the mountains. Then a question is posed by one of the group members, a newly enrolled paddler. ‘Just how much fun can you have on a Sit-On kayak?’ The instructor grinned back and said: ‘let’s find out!’. The challenge was heartily accepted by all present, and we listened intently to our Instructor’s next words. He started at the beginning and told us how to hold a paddle properly, he told us how to steer and how to turn. We had a potter and mastered the basics. Then the real fun began.

Idyllic kayaking - Greek style! 1

With some safety guidelines and a goal point to aim for we headed off towards a nearby island. A gentle pace was taken with the instructor kindly stating that: ‘we go at the pace of the slowest person, which is usually me’. Doubtful that he couldn’t beat us all in the blink of an eye, but great that he didn’t feel the need to show us that! We reached the island, took a rest, snapped some photos and pottered around. Our own mini adventure across the seas to Treasure Island – Greek style.

Looking back at the mainland was stunning – a view only we paddlers were privy to. As we rounded the island, the excitement and sense of achievement was clear in the group. As a minimalist in the sports world, I couldn’t help but feel I had found a new skill to be proud of. With only a small degree of teaching, I was able and confident to go on a mini kayak adventure.

On some kayak trips people chose to take snorkels from the beach base, others enjoyed a social potter or a swim before paddling home. The point is: a sit on kayak has ample space to stow kit. If you therefore fancy taking paraphernalia to enhance you kayak adventure then you can do so. And what better place to participate in a bit of paddling fun that the warm azure water of the Southern Ionian in Greece?’

Idyllic kayaking - Greek style! 2

Horizon Watersports has a centre based in Nidri, Lefkada. We embrace the ideals of paddle sports – the freedom to explore, the easy learning curve and the chance to see things and gain experiences otherwise inaccessible.

Nidri has many small and large hotels, villas and rented accommodation, that suit any budget the holiday paddler has. Its shore side restaurants and bars allow a relaxing meal after paddling fun. Most overlook the views that made this ideal island, beautiful climate and friendly people known by many as the ideal holiday location.

Idyllic kayaking - Greek style! 3

Horizon Watersports adapted its paddling programme for the Nidri Centre to take in as much of the local beauty available here. It is located on the only sandy beach in Nidri, watched over by large mountains and sheltered in a clear blue water bay. If you’re a seasoned paddler bored of your local lakes and rivers, or a paddle newbie, we offer sessions for all.

The shelter offered by the surrounding island halts breeze and swell for the majority of the day, allowing for extended hours of fun in a kayak. We have brand new 2015 Perception Comfort Scooters and Perception Geminis so you can choose to be with a friend or stride off on your own in a single kayak. All sessions are monitored by qualified instructors and powerboat rescue so the fun keeps on going.’

Idyllic kayaking - Greek style! 4

So what’s stopping you? As the school summer holidays kick in, now’s the time to jump on a plane an indulge in some warm Mediterranean paddling. Give the guys at Horizon a shout for more details on [email protected]