When we first clapped eyes on Palm’s Universal Change Mat we were a little unsure whether we’d actually use it. A few months down the line, however, and we can truly say it’s been one of those products that just ends up getting used lots. And when we say lots we mean almost anytime we’re about the hit the water or finishing off a session.

What Palm have engineered is pretty nifty. The Universal Change Mat is able to be folded in two, is small and compact – even when fully open – has a secure locking Velcro tab and is spongy enough to resist the harshest of surfaces.

Palm Equipment Universal Change Mat
Sizeable enough to accommodate one lone paddler there’s still enough surface area to avoid mud, water and other substances you’ll encounter when at various put ins. Step out of neoprene boots, wet shoes or jump barefoot from sand/shingle covered beaches before patting yourself down. Once dry the mat allows moisture free changing and stepping into everyday footwear without getting covered in debris again. Then simply fold, secure Velcro and stash discreetly in the back of your vehicle.

Universal Change Mat folded

For such an unassuming piece of kayaking kit Palm Equipment’s Universal Change Mat is a must for paddler toy boxes where your put in is found. Easily stored and whipped out when needed it’s soft and spongy surface is a joy to stand on and will keep you grime free, ready to head home for post kayaking refreshments.


PRICE: £15.95