RPF’s Maori design is the newest wave machine to hit the company’s line up and keeps the brand’s tradition of maximum comfort without the loss of manoeuvrability. Fast and nippy with the ability to outrun white water and get to the next section; the Maori is a playful sit on surf hull that’s guaranteed to put smiles on paddlers’ faces.

For riders who want to carve hard and aggressively; the Maori copes with full rail to rail turns with no trouble. For those wanting a gentler ride then the design is also able to accommodate, allowing the pilot to build his/her confidence and improve skills.


  • Carry Toggles
  • Drain Plug
  • Fittings for Knee Straps
  • Integrated Carry Handles


As with other RPF designs the Maori comes with x3 Futures thrust fins and is available in three different constructions – standard, high-tech and full carbon.


ManufacturerHull TypeLengthWidthWeightMax LoadSeating
RPF KayaksHybrid2.23m0.63m11.00kg95.00kgSolo



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  1. Freddy P

    Having tried a friend’s
    Having tried a friend’s waveski a few weeks ago I’ve had my interest pricked in terms of surf kayaking – so much so that I made a trip to Devon again this weekend. The same friend has also got himself an RPF Maori and I was intrigued.

    Conditions were lumpy and less than ideal but I managed to get out back and catch a few. The Maori turns with ease and although I’m no experienced surf kayaker I was happily riding left and right in no time at all. The Maori isn’t quite as loose and slashy as the waveski I tried but it’s still pretty good. I’m told the RPF Shark is even better.

    I’m now considering a purchase as this part of sit on top kayaking has really grabbed a hold of me. Sitons are certainly as performance as you choose.

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